Meet Bobi, the world’s oldest living dog. At the ripe age of 30 years and 268 days, Bobi has broken the almost century-old record held by Australian cattle dog Bluey, who lived for 29 years and 5 months between 1910 and 1939. This Portuguese purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo has lived for double his life expectancy of 12 to 14 years, and has been certified by the Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria and SIAC, a pet database authorized by the Portuguese government.

The Costa family, Bobi’s owners, are no strangers to long-lived dogs. Bobi’s mother, Gira, lived to the age of 18, and another of the family’s dogs, Chicote, lived for 22 years. Bobi’s long life is a testament to the “calm, peaceful environment” in which he grew up, as well as his taste for human food.

Bobi’s longevity is even more remarkable when one considers that he nearly didn’t make it beyond infancy. When he and his three brothers were born in the family’s woodshed, Bobi’s parents decided they already had too many animals at home. Bobi’s brother and sister kept his existence a secret until his eyes were open, and the pup eventually grew up “very sociable” alongside many other animals.

In his old age, Bobi has become less adventurous. He has difficulty walking and sometimes collides with objects as his eyesight has deteriorated. He likes a nap after meals, and spends most of his time hanging out in the backyard with four cat friends. Bobi had “one big scare” in 2018, ending up in the hospital after collapsing with breathing difficulties. However, regular assessments at the vet’s “have always shown that he is doing well for his advanced age,” said Leonel Costa, Bobi’s owner.

The Costa family are grateful to life for allowing them to have Bobi in their daily lives for the past 30 years. Bobi’s incredible life serves as an inspiration to all of us. His story is a reminder to cherish the moments we have with our furry friends, and to appreciate the beauty of life.