A gruesome tale of murder and heartache has come to a close in Southern California. On Friday, Shazer Fernando Limas, a 42-year-old Orange resident, was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison for a crime that shocked the community and left a family devastated.

Limas was convicted of stabbing his girlfriend, 31-year-old Arlet Hernandez Contreras, 48 times in April 2012. Limas then killed her two young sons, 16-month-old Fernando Hernandez Limas and 2-month-old Emanuel Hernandez Limas.

Rather than immediately reporting the crime, Limas chose to conceal the bodies and continue with his life. He let the bodies of Contreras and her children rot in a balcony closet for 10 days, going as far as to rent limos and have friends over to his apartment.

Limas eventually loaded Contreras’s body into a large chest and drove it to an industrial area in neighboring Los Angeles County, where her body was found dumped in a gutter. He then drove another 100 miles to dispose of the bodies of the two children, which were never found.

It wasn’t until Limas broke his lease on his apartment that police were contacted and he was arrested following a high-speed chase on two freeways. Even after being convicted, Limas refused to take responsibility for the deaths or disclose the whereabouts of the two children.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said of the crime, “The victims were discarded like trash.”

Limas’ sentencing brings closure to a tragedy that rocked the community and left a family in mourning.

Source: www.ktvu.com