The tragedy of the death of three young children has left many of us in shock and disbelief. The Massachusetts mother accused of killing her three children, Lindsay Clancy, remains hospitalized for injuries she sustained when she jumped from a window of their home. Her attorney has claimed in court that she was overmedicated at the time of the incident and lacks criminal responsibility for her actions. This blog post will explore the heartbreaking story of the mother and her three children, as well as her attorney’s claims of overmedication and lack of criminal responsibility.

Lindsay Clancy’s attorney, Kevin Reddington, has stated that her parents have not been able to see her or even talk to her on the telephone. He has also said that the family was on the road to hell, and that the tragedy has been devastating for them. Reddington has also claimed that Clancy was taking 12 different types of antidepressants when she allegedly took the lives of her three children last Tuesday in their Duxbury home.

Legal analyst Greg Henning has commented that Clancy’s defense will depend on her history. He has said that the strategy could work if there is medical evidence and testimony from people that knew her before and after the incident that can say her conduct changed. The judge has granted the motion for a psychological evaluation and the parties have also agreed that Clancy will be allowed to speak to her parents.

The funeral for the three children was held on Friday, and the arraignment for Lindsay Clancy will occur on Tuesday via video from the hospital. This heartbreaking story has left many of us in shock and disbelief. We can only hope that the legal process will help to bring some closure for the family and that justice will be served.