The NFL is always looking for ways to make the game safer, and this offseason they’re having an “active conversation” about possibly banning a certain type of tackle. This particular tackle, referred to as the “hip drop” tackle, is the type of tackle that caused Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard to suffer a fractured leg in their playoff game against the 49ers two weeks ago.

The hip drop tackle is when a defender wraps his arms around the waist of the ball carrier and leaves his body weight to pull the ball carrier down, collapsing his legs underneath him. This type of tackle is dangerous and can easily lead to serious injuries, as was the case with Pollard.

The NFL is no stranger to implementing new rules, particularly when it comes to how defenders are allowed to hit quarterbacks, and this new rule would be easy to enforce and go over well with fans. The league has implemented a multitude of rules in recent years that have caused inconsistent calls, some at crucial times in games directly affecting the outcome.

It’s clear that the NFL is taking player safety seriously and is looking for ways to protect players from dangerous tackles. The hip drop tackle is a dangerous move that has caused serious injuries in the past and could be banned in the near future. It will be interesting to see what the NFL decides to do and how they will enforce the new rule if they decide to move forward with it.