What do you get when you mix a Boston Bruins jersey, a hockey stick putter and a classic character from the movie Happy Gilmore? You get a hilarious and exciting moment from the NHL All-Star Skills Competition at FLA Live Arena on Friday night!

David Pastrnak, the Bruins’ winger, was presented with his options for the Breakaway Challenge and quickly chose to emulate the classic character, donning a No. 18 ‘Gilmore’ sweater and immediately adopting the classic character’s mannerisms. He then stepped up to a puck in the neutral zone and tried a golf putter and a hockey stick putter – with help from his caddie Linus Ullmark – to put it home. After successfully scoring, Pastrnak celebrated in classic ‘Happy Gilmore’ fashion with the stick between his legs rodeo-style – to the delight of the crowd – and was awarded 38 out of a possible 40 points by the judges, coming in second to Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, who earned a perfect score.

Ullmark, who played a small part in the skit, was happy to help out his fellow All-Star. He had only found out about the skit an hour before and was thrilled to be able to take part in the event. Ullmark finished third out of four in the Tendy Tandem event, during which he was paired with fellow Atlantic Division All-Star and Tampa Bay netminder Andrei Vasilevskiy. Ullmark hit the net twice in his five goalie goal attempts, but did not hit the jackpot target and finished with four points.

Pastrnak, meanwhile, was taking part in his third All-Star weekend after previous appearances in 2019 (San Jose) and 2020 (St. Louis). His highlight of the night was the red carpet, which was set up right on the beach and allowed fans to meet and greet the NHL’s top players, as well as some legends of the game.

It was an exciting night for all involved, and a memorable moment for the fans who got to witness the hilarious ‘Happy Gilmore’ moment. The NHL All-Star Skills Competition is truly an event like no other!

Source: www.nhl.com