The Golden State Warriors have been at the forefront of the NBA since 2015, and the driving force behind their success has been the versatile and talented Draymond Green. Despite Green’s recent declaration that “the writing’s on the wall” in regard to his future with the Warriors, recent research shows that the Dubs are as dependent on Green as ever. A recent game against the Denver Nuggets highlighted the glaring absence of Green’s defensive ability and the Warriors’ offensive and defensive performance was abysmal without him. The Warriors’ roster was built with wings, but it was Green’s ability to play center at an elite level, despite being 6-foot-5, and his second-to-none instincts that created a switch-everything defensive juggernaut the rest of the NBA tried to replicate. The Warriors must know what countless other teams in the NBA have deduced since 2015: there’s only one Draymond Green. He’s not perfect, but he’s always been worthy of the headaches, even this season. It’s clear that the Warriors should act on their knowledge and extend Green’s contract before the February 9th trade deadline.