In a bold move that has sent shockwaves through the Formula 1 world, Red Bull and Ford have announced a groundbreaking partnership that will see the American car manufacturer return to the sport after nearly two decades away. This monumental deal, announced at a spectacular launch event in New York City, will see Ford provide Red Bull with a power unit for the 2026 season and beyond.

The move comes as the sport prepares for a major shake up, with new regulations set to come into force in 2026 that will require teams to use power units running on 100% sustainable fuels, as well as a 350kW electric motor. Ford are investing an impressive $50bn on EV development and electrification, and Red Bull can now tap into that.

Red Bull have already invested heavily in a power unit set up, and Ford’s return to the sport means they can now fight for wins straight away. Ford have a long and illustrious history in F1, with their Ford-Cosworth DFV power unit having been the most successful in F1 history, bringing wins to the likes of Lotus, Tyrrell, McLaren and Williams.

The partnership also makes sense for Red Bull, who are pushing their brand in the States. It will help them gain “even more penetration” in the US market, while also enjoying the financial benefits that come with a huge automotive power.

Red Bull now have three years to get ready for the launch of the new power unit, and they’ll be looking to defend both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships. With the momentum and arguably one of the greatest drivers of this generation in Max Verstappen, and the long term strategy now confirmed with Ford’s impending arrival, Red Bull will remain a formidable package that will be very difficult to beat.