Tragedy struck the Maui community on January 27th when 24-year-old Tre’ Evans-Dumaran, a firefighter, was swept away by a storm drain while responding to flooding in Kihei. Today, Maui County announced the heartbreaking news that Tre’ had passed away after a weeklong fight for his life.

Tre’ was responding to calls about flooded residences when he was caught in a 4-foot-wide storm drain that empties into the ocean. His crew, along with paramedics, were able to recover him from the ocean and transport him to Maui Memorial Medical Center. His mother, Chelsie Evans, thanked the community for their outpouring of love during this difficult time.

Maui Fire Chief Brad Ventura and other firefighters are spending the day with Tre’s family, and Maui Mayor Richard Bissen, Jr. offered his condolences. A page has been set up by the family to help cover the cost of Tre’s funeral arrangements.

Tre’ was a hero in life and his family encourages people to continue to do their part and give blood in his memory. He was a brave and selfless man, and the Maui community will miss him dearly.