It was a tragedy that shook the community of York County, Pennsylvania. Last week, a family of three was found dead in their backyard, the result of a joint suicide pact. Morgan Daub, 26, and her parents, James Daub, 62, and Deborah Daub, 59, were found dead after police responded to a request for a welfare check from a neighbor.

The West Manchester Township Police Department has since said that notes left inside the house indicate that the family recently made a “joint decision” to end their lives. People who knew the family expressed shock and heartbreak at the deaths. Morgan was described by members of the local bowling community as a shy, quiet young woman who was close with her mother and also a talented and avid bowler until she and her mother suddenly stopped visiting bowling stores and alleys in the area a few years ago, around the start of the pandemic.

Bret Stabley, who operates the pro shop at Bowlers Supply in York, Pennsylvania, said Morgan was “very meek and quiet” but also “very bright.” He said he gave Morgan many bowling lessons over the years and she became more sociable as she grew older. He also said that the Christian, churchgoing family “was never shy about letting anybody know what their beliefs were” when it came to religion and politics. Morgan and Deborah were “very, very huge” supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Terry Miller, the owner of Suburban Bowlerama, said Morgan and Deborah came to his bowling center a couple of times a week. Miller said it was “definitely, definitely weird” that the two stopped coming in. Detective Timothy Fink said that Deborah Daub left a written document, signed Jan. 19, in which “she speaks of a joint decision” by her and Morgan to end their lives. Morgan and her father also left notes indicating that the family had planned how to carry out the shootings and made other preparations.

The West Manchester Township Police Department said that the positioning of the bodies, the two guns found at scene, the shell casings and other evidence “support the account put forward by the written documents left behind by the family,” that “all three family members decided to end their lives on 1/24/2023.” It is a heartbreaking reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.