“The power of friendship knows no bounds, and Ghost the dog is the perfect example of that. Discovered living among coyotes in the open desert near Henderson, Nevada, Ghost had been accepted into the pack and even led it for months. But now, Ghost is ready to find a forever home and his story of resilience and friendship is sure to touch your heart.

Ghost was first spotted in the Inspirada neighborhood in July, and while he would occasionally approach humans, he would always disappear quickly. After reports of Ghost limping, Susan McMullen and Timi Zondiros of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team became determined to rescue him and get him help. After days of searching, they were able to successfully capture Ghost and get him to safety.

Despite living in the desert for months with a pack of coyotes, Ghost is incredibly friendly and loves to be petted and held. Unfortunately, life in the wild has left its mark on Ghost, and he has a number of medical issues that need to be addressed before he can be put up for adoption.

Ghost’s story is one of resilience and friendship, and it is sure to touch your heart. If you’d like to help Ghost on his journey to finding a forever home, you can donate to his medical expenses at GoFundMe. Let’s help Ghost find the loving home he deserves!”

Source: www.wect.com