The Florida administration of Governor Ron DeSantis has recently filed a complaint against an Orlando foundation for hosting a drag holiday event in which minors were allowed to attend. The complaint states that the event, called “A Drag Queen Christmas”, was advertised as appropriate for all ages, and that the foundation was warned that minors should not be allowed to attend. The state’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco has now filed a complaint against the foundation for alleged violations of state law, and is attempting to revoke the foundation’s liquor license.

The issue of minors attending drag shows has been a contentious one in the state of Florida. Governor DeSantis has been vocal in his criticism of the events, accusing them of trying to “sexualize” youth. The state’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation received multiple complaints about a Dec. 26 performance, prompting the investigation.

The complaint alleges that the foundation failed to provide advance notice of the “sexually explicit nature” of the show’s contents, and that children appearing to be younger than 6 attended the show. The foundation has yet to comment on the complaint, but the issue of minors attending drag shows is sure to be a topic of debate in the state for some time to come.