Over the past couple of days, a mysterious balloon has been spotted hovering over the United States. This balloon has caused a stir among the public and politicians alike, with many wondering what exactly it is and why it is there. President Joe Biden has now weighed in, saying that the U.S. will “take care of it”. But what exactly does that mean?

The balloon was first spotted over Billings, Montana on Wednesday, after having flown over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and through Canada. It is currently flying at an altitude of 60,000 feet, above civilian and military aviation, and moving eastward across the continental U.S.

The Pentagon has not taken the balloon down as they assess that there is no physical or military threat to people on the ground. However, they are reviewing options. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has posted on his platform Truth Social, “SHOOT DOWN THE BALLOON!”

China has claimed that the balloon is a “civilian airship” used for weather research that had been blown off course. However, Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder has pushed back on Beijing’s claims, saying, “We know that it’s a surveillance balloon.”

So what will the U.S. do? President Biden has said that they will “take care of it”. But what does that mean? Will the U.S. shoot it down? Will they try to negotiate with China? Or will they take some other course of action?

The mystery of the Chinese spy balloon continues to unfold. We’ll have to wait and see what the U.S. decides to do and how it will affect the situation.

Source: www.nbcnews.com