The Biden administration has been keeping a secret from the American people for weeks, and it’s finally been revealed. A Chinese spy balloon was sailing over the United States, and the White House knew about it for longer than they let on.

According to a Friday report from Bloomberg News, U.S. officials were “well aware” that the balloon had crossed into American airspace on January 28. The balloon was over Idaho on Tuesday, and the White House knew it was over Montana on Wednesday. However, they decided to not inform the public to not upend Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s diplomatic trip to China.

The Biden administration wanted to be careful because relations with China could be a big issue in the 2024 elections. White House officials said they were “baffled” by China’s claim to not know what was going on with the balloon. Despite the White House’s efforts, the balloon was spotted over North Carolina on Saturday morning and appears to be heading toward the Atlantic Ocean.

The Biden administration only decided to inform the public after the Billings Gazette published a picture of the balloon, which “forced Biden’s hand.” Secretary of State Blinken said his team concluded “conditions were not conducive” for him to continue with a planned visit to China this weekend.

The balloon incident has revealed the Biden administration’s attempts to keep a secret from the American people and their attempts to maintain diplomatic relations with China. It shows that even in today’s world, politics and diplomacy still require a delicate balance.