We all know that having a high school diploma is a great accomplishment, but what if you were only nine years old and already achieved this feat? That’s exactly what nine-year-old David Balogun did recently, graduating from the Reach Cyber Charter School in Harrisburg. David took classes remotely from his home in Bucks County, and he has a passion for science and computer programming. His parents have advanced degrees, but they said raising a young son with extraordinary intellectual gifts can be a challenge.
David credits several of his favorite teachers for his academic success, and they said he taught them a few things too in the few years it took him to get through high school. After completing a semester at Bucks County Community College, David’s family is now looking at colleges and universities across the country to find one that’s the right fit. But so far, David and those around him have come up with the right answers.

David enjoys learning, but he also likes to play sports and the piano. He’s also working on his black belt in martial arts. It’s amazing to think that at such a young age, David has already achieved so much. His accomplishments are an inspiration to us all, and serve as a reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Source: www.ky3.com