It’s official: Trent Williams is not going anywhere. After weeks of speculation, the 49ers All-Pro left tackle has confirmed he will be returning to the team for at least the next two seasons.

At the Pro Bowl festivities in Las Vegas on Saturday, Williams answered the question with a resounding “Yes, for sure.” He went on to add that he is under contract until he’s 39 years old.

Just a few days prior, when asked if he was thinking about retiring, Williams said he was taking things one day at a time. He admitted that it does get “grueling” for a 34-year-old, and that he was starting to think about life after football. But on Saturday, he joked that he didn’t understand the question.

Williams also said he wasn’t sure how much longer he could play at such a high level. His response? “I’m really just taking it one day at a time. There ain’t a lot of future to look forward to, so I might as well live in the present.”

Fortunately, Coach Kyle Shanahan was not alarmed by the possibility of Williams retiring. He said, “I know Trent loves football. I know it’s very hard at his age, in any situation to do what you do for that long and come up short, but I’d be really surprised if Trent wasn’t fired up in a few weeks.”

In 2021, Williams and the 49ers agreed to a six-year, $138.06 million contract. He is scheduled to make a whopping $20.25 million in salary and bonuses in 2023.

It’s great news for the 49ers that Williams is sticking around. He’s a key part of the team and his commitment to the team and the game of football is truly inspiring. With his talent and dedication, he’ll be sure to make an impact for many years to come.