What does it take to become a millionaire? For 18-year-old Juliette Lamour, it only took one lottery ticket. Last month, Lamour won a whopping $48 million in the lottery, making her the youngest person in Canada to win a jackpot of that size.

Lamour is a true beginner’s luck story. She had never bought a lottery ticket before, but her grandfather encouraged her to buy one “just for fun.” Little did they know that Lamour would soon become a millionaire!

Lamour found out about her win while working. Her boss wanted her to go home, but her mother insisted that she finish her shift. Lamour received her lottery check on Friday, and now she’s ready to pursue her dream of going to medical school and becoming a doctor.

This remarkable story shows that anyone can become a millionaire, even if it’s their first time playing the lottery. Lamour’s incredible luck and determination to pursue her dreams are an inspiration to us all.

Source: www.kptv.com