It’s a sad day for fans of Farmer John, as the iconic meatpacking plant in Vernon, California is shutting down operations this month. Smithfield Foods, the parent company, announced the closure due to high costs, and close to 2,000 employees are now without jobs.

The Farmer John brand has been a household name since the 1950s, when it appeared in television ads. Their pork gained popularity among baseball fans, at one point becoming the official Dodger Dog. It’s a shame that the company is having to close its doors, as it leaves many employees without work.

Fortunately, Smithfield Foods is doing what it can to help transition employees to other locations. Sheila Brown, a former Farmer John employee, commented on the closure, saying, “I enjoyed it, it paid my bills. But now I’m like what am I gonna do?”

It’s a difficult situation for those affected, and we can only hope that Smithfield Foods is able to provide the necessary support to its employees. It’s a sad end to an iconic brand, but hopefully those affected will be able to find new opportunities in the near future.