The Symbiote Saga Continues: Dylan Brock Is Here To Stay as Marvel’s Official Venom

The Venom symbiote has been a part of Marvel Comics for decades, and Eddie Brock has been its most iconic host. But after Eddie’s current trials end, it’s clear that his son Dylan will remain Marvel’s official Venom – if he can survive his father’s wrath.

The current Venom series has seen Eddie leave his symbiote to his son Dylan, after being stranded in time by his future self, the villain Meridius. In Venom #16, by Al Ewing, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, and Alex Sinclair, Dylan is fighting against his father, who has transformed into one of his future versions, the red, rage-driven Bedlam. Dylan’s powers as Codex and his Necrosword are the only things that can hurt a King in Black, but Bedlam gets unexpected help from Meridius, who heals him. Enraged at seeing Dylan as Venom, Eddie yells: “If we are not Venom…who are we? Give me other back!”, to which Dylan replies: “Sorry dad. Some things you can never take back!”.

Dylan’s relationship with the Venom symbiote has been a tumultuous one. During the course of this series, they both felt abandoned and left behind by Eddie, but Venom was also everything that’s left of Dylan’s father. After Dylan was apparently killed by Bedlam, Venom saved his consciousness by taking it inside his symbiote body, which led to a journey of discovery. Dylan learned that he is as much Venom’s son as he is Eddie’s, and that he was created by the symbiotes so that he could save them from the King in Blacks. This makes Dylan the most powerful version of Venom ever, and there is no way that this is going to change in the near future.

Some Marvel fans could be displeased at the notion that a classic character like Venom can go through such drastic changes. However, the nature of the symbiote is such that it’s possible to have a different character wearing the “suit” without radically altering who Venom is. This is quite unique, and it’s good that Marvel is capitalizing on this chance. The current Venom storyline still has Eddie Brock playing a major role, but he seems more and more like the victim or the villain rather than the hero. When the Meridius affair will be over, it’s clear that Dylan will remain the official Venom of the Marvel Universe.

Venom #16 is available now from Marvel Comics and it’s clear that Dylan Brock as Venom is here to stay. It’s an exciting time for Venom fans and Marvel fans alike as the Symbiote Saga continues.