Skateboarding enthusiasts around the world are rallying for a special cause: to honor the memory of Tyre Nichols, a talented young skateboarder who tragically passed away. In his honor, cities like Memphis, TN and Sacramento, CA are considering naming a skate park after him.

The city of Memphis is currently in preliminary conversations about honoring Tyre with a skate park. Mayor Jim Strickland is exploring the possibility of either building a new park in Tyre’s name or renaming an existing one. City leaders and the City Council are meeting this Friday to discuss the plans.

In Sacramento, councilmember Lisa Kaplan, Mayor Darrell Steinberg and City staff are working with Tyre’s family to explore the best ways to honor his legacy, which could include renaming a skate park after him. Videos of Tyre showing off his skateboarding skills have been circulating online, giving people a glimpse of his talent and dedication.

Tony Hawk, the most famous skateboarder of all time, donated to Tyre’s memorial fund and shared a video of him skating. Tyre’s parents are also crowdfunding a memorial fund and his mom hopes to use some of the money to build a memorial skate park for Tyre.

The skating community is rallying together to honor Tyre Nichols and his legacy. It’s an inspiring example of how people can come together in times of tragedy to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.