When it comes to our friends, we want to believe that we can always help them when they need it. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Steve-O, of Jackass fame, recently shared a heartbreaking truth about his longtime friend and costar Bam Margera — that he may not be able to save him from himself.

Bam has been on the road with Steve-O on the first leg of his comedy tour, even bringing his son Phoenix onstage with him at one of the stops. All seemed to be well until Bam posted a shocking caption on Instagram, which prompted a response from Steve-O. In a since-deleted comment, Steve-O accused Bam of staying up all night and getting loaded after the last show, adding that he’s bracing for the prospect of hearing about Bam’s passing and that there is nothing left he can do to save him.

Steve-O has since clarified that he will never stop being there for Bam if he wants to achieve sobriety, but if not, he’s done all he can and there’s nothing more he can do to try and make him want to recover. As we’ve reported, Bam’s been on a very turbulent journey over the past year or so, hopping in and out of rehab facilities and continuously finding himself in situations where he’s partying his face off and drinking to excess.

It’s a sad reality, and even his closest allies who remain in his corner are starting to wane. Unfortunately, Bam doesn’t seem to be taking Steve-O’s words to heart — he’s still posting videos on Instagram goofing off. We can only hope that Bam will take Steve-O’s words to heart and make the right decisions for his own health and safety.

Source: www.tmz.com