The tragedy of addiction is all too real, and it has been a long-standing struggle for former Jackass star Bam Margera. In a recent Instagram post, Steve-O, another former Jackass cast member, expressed his fear that Margera will die if he doesn’t get sober soon. His plea has sparked an outpouring of support from fans, who are concerned for the safety of Margera and his young son.

Steve-O’s comment, which has since been deleted, was a plea for Margera to get sober for the sake of himself and his son. He brought Margera on tour with him in the hopes of showing him what is possible if he chooses recovery, but he has been unable to get Margera to commit to sobriety. In his comment, Steve-O expressed his fear that Margera will die soon if he doesn’t get the help he needs.

Margera has struggled with alcohol addiction since he was in his twenties, and the issue first became fully confirmed to the public back in 2009 when he was taken to the hospital by paramedics and police following a four-day binge. He entered a rehab program later that year, but left after only four days. The problem only got worse after he was forced to stop skateboarding due to bone spurs in 2012, and he has gone through a number of legal troubles in the years that followed. He has blamed the Jackass franchise for his struggles with alcohol, attacking Paramount Pictures as well as Knoxville and Tremaine numerous times over the years and accusing them of controlling him.

Steve-O himself has experienced his own issues with substance abuse but has remained sober for over 15 years now. The reaction from the public to Steve-O’s plea has largely been pity for the both of them, as many share the fear that Margera is going to end up dead soon if he can’t manage to complete a recovery program and stay off alcohol.

Addiction is a serious and devastating issue, and it can be hard to watch someone you care about struggle with it. We hope that Margera will be able to get the help he needs and find sobriety before it’s too late.