This year’s Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo has been a huge success, and the grand champion steer has been crowned! His name is “Snoop Dog,” a black European Cross weighing in at an impressive 1,343 pounds. He belongs to 15-year-old Sadie Wampler from the Randall County 4-H in the Texas Panhandle.

Out of nearly 1,500 contestants, Snoop Dog was chosen as the winner. On Saturday, the final day of the show, Snoop Dog will be auctioned off at the Sale of Champions. Last year’s grand champion sold for a record $310,000, so the potential for a huge payout is there for Sadie Wampler.

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is a great event for the entire family. The competition is intense and the atmosphere is electric. With the grand champion steer crowned, the show is sure to be a success. So come out and enjoy the last day of the show on Saturday and see who will be the proud owner of Snoop Dog!