The Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, North Dakota recently said goodbye to its beloved resident bobcat, Bodie. After 17 years of living in the zoo, Bodie had to be euthanized due to jaw cancer that had impacted his eating habits.

Bodie had an interesting history before coming to Minot. It is believed that someone had tried to keep him as a pet and had his canine teeth filed down and front feet declawed. After escaping a couple of times, he was taken in by a new owner who chose to donate him to the Gladys Porter Zoo.

At the Roosevelt Park Zoo, Bodie had two mates during his time there but had been the only bobcat at the zoo since 2018. This led staff to work to fill the gap and provide enrichment for him.

Now that Bodie has passed, the zoo will not be filling the gap left by his absence. Instead, they will be cleaning up the bobcat enclosure in the spring and deciding what to do with it going forward.

The staff and visitors of the Roosevelt Park Zoo are mourning the loss of Bodie, a beloved member of their zoo family. His story is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our animal friends and making sure they have the best life possible.