After 66 years of friendship, two of the most iconic musicians of all time, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, are still going strong. In a recent tweet, Starr, 82, shared a video of the two dancing to the 1976 disco hit “Young Hearts Run Free” at a star-studded party. It’s clear that their bond is still strong after all these years, as evidenced by the smiling faces in the video.

The gathering was a celebration of Stella McCartney’s 18 year partnership with Adidas, and was attended by other celebrities such as Julian Lennon, the son of the late John Lennon. In December 2020, the two attended the Disney Original Documentary’s “If These Walls Could Sing” London premiere at Abbey Road Studios, and Starr told Jimmy Kimmel that they FaceTime “regularly.”

Starr opened up about their bond in an interview with the Associated Press about his 2021 EP “Change the World,” saying that The Beatles gave him three brothers for life. “It was a super-incredible connection of peace and love,” Starr said. “It was so great. I still miss John and George, but that’s how life is. Paul and I are still great friends and we support each other.”

The video of Starr and McCartney dancing is a testament to the longevity of their friendship, and serves as a reminder that even after 66 years, the bond between them remains strong. It’s heartwarming to see two icons of music still having fun together, and it’s clear that the “peace and love” between them will last for many more years.