“Eagles Fan Creates Super Bowl Sculpture in the Sand”

As the Super Bowl approaches, Eagles fans across the nation have found unique ways to show their support for the Philadelphia team. One fan in particular, Brendan Schaffer of Villas, New Jersey, has taken his fandom to the next level by sculpting a stunning Eagles logo in the sand.

Schaffer grew up on the beach with his father, carving sand sculptures and entering snow sculpture contests. So when the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, Schaffer knew he had to do something special to show his support. With the help of city workers from Cape May, he was able to create a beautiful Eagles logo in the sand at Cove Beach by Sunset Pavilion.

The eco-artwork took Schaffer and the city workers about five hours to create. It’s a temporary artwork that may only last a few days, but Schaffer hopes it will bring the local community together to cheer on the Eagles. He also encourages people to visit his Facebook page to learn more about his artwork.

It’s clear that Schaffer is passionate about his hometown team, and his creativity and hard work have resulted in a beautiful sculpture in the sand. As we all watch the Super Bowl together, we can take a moment to appreciate Schaffer’s dedication to the Eagles and the art he has created in the sand. Go Eagles!

Source: 6abc.com