Earlier this week, Netflix had the world scratching their heads when they announced a new, controversial password policy. The streaming giant sparked ire when they jettisoned the existence of college students, blended families, and even child cancer patients in their new policy. But it seems the company has learned a valuable lesson; this week they quietly backtracked their decision.

According to a spokesperson for the platform, the changes to their official Password Sharing FAQ page were posted as an error, and the rule of subscribers having to verify their home devices every month has since been removed from the website. The spokesperson went on to say that the policy only applies to three countries: Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. They also stated that any future updates to their password policies would be clearly communicated to their users.

The news of Netflix’s backtrack was met with a collective sigh of relief by many, who took to social media to express their thoughts on the matter. Many tweets joked about how the policy would have affected the 18-25 demographic and how they were about to learn what a torrent is.

It seems that Netflix has taken the advice of the public and made the right decision. After sparking a flurry of debate, it’s clear that the streaming giant has learned a very important lesson about f**king around with their users and finding out.

Source: www.ebaumsworld.com