From the United States to Latin America, reports of Chinese surveillance balloons have been popping up around the globe. The Pentagon has recently assessed that an airborne vehicle spotted flying over Latin America is another Chinese spy balloon, adding to the already tense diplomatic row sparked by the first balloon seen over Montana.

The Chinese government claimed the device spotted in the US was a “civilian airship” used to collect weather data, but the US Department of Defense has now assessed that the airborne vehicle spotted in Latin America is another Chinese surveillance balloon. This news follows reports of Chinese surveillance balloons over Canada and Alaska, which were found to be inaccurate by defense officials.

China has a history of spying in Latin America. In 2021, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center took control of websites by Chinese hacking group NICKEL across 29 countries, and noted the organization had “a large amount of activity” targeting Central and South American governments.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a trip to Beijing just hours before his departure as tensions between the two countries continue to rise. This news is a developing story, and more information is sure to follow.

The appearance of Chinese surveillance balloons around the world is a cause for concern, and the US Department of Defense is doing its best to assess the situation. It is clear that China is using its technology to spy on countries around the world, and the US is taking steps to stay informed and protect its citizens.

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