It’s time to get ready for the biggest game of the year – Super Bowl LVII! As the Philadelphia Eagles look to bring home their second NFL title in five years, the Delaware Valley will be well-represented off the field too. Miles Teller, a Downingtown, PA native, is premiering his next project – a Super Bowl ad with Bud Light.

The ad, titled “Hold,” features Teller and his wife Keleigh, along with their French bulldog Bugsy. It shows the couple facing a frustrating situation many can relate to – waiting on hold. As they wait and wait, the two turn their home into a dance party and move to the sounds of the catchy hold music. Even Bugsy gets in on the fun – with a little help.

The ad is part of Bud Light’s new “Choose Enjoyment” campaign, which was crafted after Alissa Heinerscheid, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light, and her team took a trip to Anheuser-Bushch’s St. Louis archives. The idea was to create something authentic in feeling and tone to modern consumers, and Teller was all for it. He loves the message of “Choosing Enjoyment” in those moments and believes it’s about who we spend our time with and how we choose to spend that time.

But the fun doesn’t end there! Bud Light is also offering a “Bring Home the Bud Light” challenge, which will unlock a city-wide celebration for fans of the winning team. Plus, fans will get a chance to win $10,000 every time a team scores during the game. And Sylvester Stallone, Rocky himself, stars in a Super Bowl ad for Paramount.

It’s going to be an exciting Super Bowl LVII and the Delaware Valley will be well-represented on and off the field. So tune in to see Miles Teller’s ad and cheer on the Eagles as they look to bring home their second NFL title in five years!