The tragic death of Ashli Babbitt during the storming of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 has been the subject of much debate and speculation. Was it murder? Was it self-defense? Was justice served? In a recent news conference, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) weighed in on the matter, and his opinion may surprise you.

The incident in question began when a pro-Trump mob overran the Capitol complex in a violent siege that ultimately resulted in five deaths, including the death of 35-year-old California woman, Ashli Babbitt. Babbitt was part of a group of supporters of President Donald Trump who had made their way into the Capitol and were attempting to breach the doors near the House chamber.

In the midst of the chaos, Lt. Michael Byrd, a 28-year veteran with the Capitol Police, fired a single shot at Babbitt, sending her tumbling backward onto the floor. Babbitt was hit in the shoulder and later died.

When asked if he agrees with the characterization of Babbitt’s death as murder, or if he thinks that the officer did his job when he shot Babbitt, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) responded, “I think the police officer did his job.”

An internal investigation cleared the Capitol Police officer of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of Babbitt and the Justice Department also determined that the officer would not face criminal charges in the killing.

The tragic death of Ashli Babbitt has been the subject of much debate and speculation, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) believes that the Capitol Police officer did his job, and that justice was served.