After seven years of service, K-9 Allied is retiring from the Madison Police Department. To celebrate his years of service, the MPD is recognizing this special pup and thanking him for protecting their community and making them smile.

K-9 Allied has been a part of the Madison Police Department for the past seven years, or, as MPD pointed out, the past 49 dog years. During this time, Allied has been protecting the Madison community and making everyone smile with his big, ol’ grin. MPD expressed their gratitude for Allied’s service, tweeting, “Allied, thank you for protecting our community and making us smile. We’ll miss you!”

Allied has been a true asset to the Madison Police Department and the community he served. He has been an integral part of the MPD’s team, and he will be missed. His dedication to his duties and his cheerful personality have made him a beloved member of the Madison community.

K-9 Allied is a true example of the importance of service animals in our communities. He has been an incredible asset to the MPD and a true hero to the Madison community. He has earned our respect and admiration, and we wish him a long and happy retirement.

So, as Allied begins his retirement, we’d like to thank him for his years of service and wish him all the best. We’ll miss you, Allied!