The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam has been livestreaming a very special nest since 2012. The beloved eagle couple, Harriet and M-15, have been a part of this nest for years, and have been through a lot together. Unfortunately, Harriet has been missing from the nest since late Thursday afternoon, leaving M-15 to defend and protect the two eaglets, E21 and E22, alone.

Harriet and M-15 have an incredible bond, and have used their excellent skills and instincts to nurture and protect their family and territory. Last year, the pair successfully raised two eaglets, and garnered a lot of attention from the public.

The nest was down for some time after Hurricane Ian, but the live look returned with the eagles rebuilding their nest. Now, four discreet cameras monitor the birds around the clock, and the public can keep an eye on the eaglets and the nest.

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam has been tweeting updates on the situation, and all we can do is watch and wait for a hopeful return of Harriet soon. Check out the live stream down below to see how the eaglets are doing, and keep an eye out for Harriet.