Welcome to the exciting world of Grubbs! Get ready to join the mischievous eight-year-old Billy “Grubbs” Watson (Debi Derryberry) and his imaginary friend Tyler (Wil Wheaton) as they embark on a wild journey of pranks and shenanigans. This animated series, produced by Keenspot Entertainment, stars some of your favorite actors including Jodie Sweetin, Jerry O’Connell, Jaleel White, Felicia Day, Jason Marsden, and more.

Adapted from a series of graphic novels by cartoonist Max Weaver, “Grubbs” is a story about a young boy who loves to cause a bit of trouble. With the help of his imaginary friend Tyler, Grubbs’ adventures often get him into trouble with his father (O’Connell), sister (Sweetin), teacher (Day) and principal (White). Despite the chaos, Grubbs’ mischievous nature is something viewers can’t help but love.

“I see Grubbs’ potential as a troublemaker we love to see act up, like Calvin or Dennis or Bart, but in today’s world, pulling shenanigans is going to go very differently,” says co-producer M.J. Offen. “Grubbs is the lovable troublemaker we need.”

Offen also served as co-writer on the show’s pilot episode with franchise creator Max Weaver. Other producers attached to the project include Chris Crosby, Bobby Crosby and Weaver. Glass House Studios (“El Americano”) will handle animation on “Grubbs,” while the music will come from Doug Bresler (“Doogtoons”), and vocals from viral ‘80s music parody star L.B. Rayne.

Keenspot’s graphic novel Marry Me was adapted by director Kat Coiro (“She-Hulk: Attorney At Law”) into the live-action Universal Pictures movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, which led both the box office and streaming charts last Valentine’s Day.

As for “Grubbs,” producers said they plan to reveal a streaming partner at another date, and are eying a premiere this fall timed to the holiday season.

Are you ready to join Grubbs and Tyler on their wild adventures? Get ready for the upcoming animated series “Grubbs,” featuring an all-star cast of voice actors and producers. Get ready for a wild ride!

Source: variety.com