something that needs to be talked about.”

Chloe Cole: Former Transgender Kid Who Detransitioned After Double Mastectomy Speaks Out

Chloe Cole is a former transgender kid who detransitioned after having a double mastectomy. Now 18, she is one of the most prominent voices speaking out against what is known as “gender-affirming care” for minors. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Cole shared her story and the painful side effects she lives with on a day to day basis as a result of the medical intervention.

Cole was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at 13 and underwent a double mastectomy at 15. She began to question her identity at the age of 12 and her parents were advised by medical professionals that she would commit suicide if she wasn’t “affirmed” with medical intervention. At 16, Cole detransitioned and two years later she still experiences painful side effects from the medical interventions. These include fluid leaking from her mastectomy, joint pain, and a heightened risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke from the hormones. She also doesn’t know if she will be able to carry a child to term.

Cole has become an advocate for Do No Harm, an organization fighting to restore the ideals of the Hippocratic oath in the medical field and protect minors from gender ideology. She is also currently being represented by the Dhillon Law Group and will be seeking damages from her former medical providers. Cole is working to affect change through legislation by supporting Utah’s ban on gender-affirming surgery and other treatments for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Cole hopes to protect a future generation from being “led astray” into making a life-changing decision they may regret later in life. “It is not loving to lie to a child. It is not loving to disrupt a child’s healthy natural development. Or to encourage them to do so,” she said.

Chloe Cole is speaking out about the dangers of “gender-affirming care” for minors and the need to protect future generations from making decisions they may regret. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of the Hippocratic oath and the consequences of medical interventions that are based on ideology rather than scientific evidence.