It’s been more than two decades since Ford Motor Co. left the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 1, but they are making a grand comeback in 2026. This time, they are bringing a few more friends with them, including Audi and possibly Porsche. This exciting news has sparked a flurry of anticipation and speculation as to what this means for the future of motorsports.

The new regulations for Formula 1 will require teams to increase electrical power by up to 50% and use fully sustainable ethanol as fuel. This shift in regulations is what has prompted Ford and Audi to join the race. Porsche is also considering joining the series, although talks with Red Bull GmbH have recently faltered.

The return of Ford to Formula 1 is a major boon for the sport and will no doubt bring a new level of competition to the race. With the addition of Audi and possibly Porsche, the race is sure to be even more exciting than before. All eyes will be on the track in 2026 to see what these new teams bring to the table.

The future of motorsports is looking brighter than ever, and with the addition of Ford and Audi, it’s sure to be an exciting time for racing fans. We can’t wait to see what these teams bring to the table and how they will shape the future of Formula 1.