It’s no secret that tech companies have been censoring content that goes against their Community Standards. But what happens when a nonprofit journalist organization like Project Veritas tries to uncover the truth? That’s exactly what happened recently when Facebook and Instagram threatened to permanently ban Project Veritas from their platforms after a journalist from the nonprofit confronted a YouTube executive on why one of their Pfizer sting videos had been removed.

The footage captured by the journalist and released on Thursday evening revealed a Pfizer director concerned over women’s reproductive health after COVID-19 vaccinations. Jordon Trishton Walker, an official who leads research and development for mRNA projects, said to an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the company uses “directed evolution” to mutate coronaviruses and create more potent variants and vaccines. He also voiced his concern that the mRNA could linger in the body, potentially impacting women’s menstrual cycles.

Project Veritas published more footage on Friday afternoon showing one of their reporters appearing to confront YouTube Vice President of Global Trust and Safety Matt Halprin on why they banned the first video. The executive walked away from the reporter without responding, apart from telling the reporter to not touch him and threatening to call the police.

Facebook and Instagram, both of which are owned by Meta, removed the footage of Halprin and warned that the content violates “Community Standards”. Project Veritas has frequently been subjected to censorship from technology companies.

When O’Keefe confronted Walker in a subsequent video, the executive called himself a “liar” who apparently fabricated the stories to impress the undercover journalist with whom he thought he was on a date. Pfizer did not respond to questions from The Daily Wire about Walker’s employment status.

Although Pfizer appears to have not yet responded to the second round of the Project Veritas sting, the company denied conducting gain-of-function research after the initial footage was released. Researchers have previously found that COVID vaccines impacted menstruation; one international study from the Oregon Health and Science University concluded that “some people may experience a slight, temporary change in the length of their monthly menstrual cycle” after receiving the vaccine.

The recent Project Veritas sting has sparked a conversation about the potential dangers of the mRNA technology and the censorship of journalists who are trying to uncover the truth. It’s clear that tech companies are not above censoring content, even when it comes to important topics like women’s reproductive health. It’s up to us to stay informed and make sure that these topics are discussed openly and honestly.