Redfall: Is an Always-Online Single-Player Experience Worth the Hassle?

The news that Redfall, an open-world shooter from Arkane, will require a persistent online connection even in single-player has left fans wondering whether the game is worth the hassle. After all, Bethesda had promised that Redfall would satisfy fans of single-player games like Dishonored and Deathloop. But with the always-online requirement comes certain drawbacks – what if the servers go down, or what if you don’t have access to the internet? Is it worth forgoing the game as a result?

On the Redfall subreddit, fans have been expressing their disappointment. One user writes, “Oh booo. Well there goes my plan for buying it”, while another comments, “I’m out. Will never support always-online single player.” The decision to make Redfall an always-online title is particularly surprising to players considering the slight advantages it offers are far overshadowed by the significant drawbacks.

On a separate Reddit post, user Dantegram asks, “What happens in 10 years when the servers shut down? Or if my internet goes out? I was super hyped for it, but this just killed any excitement.” The feeling over on Twitter is much the same, with one user saying, “I’m not buying Redfall anymore. This is where Game Pass will be useful since I can still check it out. But always online for single player translates to me as a no purchase.”

Redfall is due to release in just a few months’ time, on May 2. The launch date was unveiled during the recent Xbox Developer Direct broadcast alongside fresh gameplay footage showcasing new locations, enemies, and abilities. Whether the always-online requirement will be worth it or not is up to the individual player to decide. But one thing’s for sure – Redfall is definitely one of the most promising titles making its way to Xbox Series X this year.