The anticipation is over! After years of fans clamoring for a “Friday Night Lights” reunion, executive producer Jason Katims has finally found the perfect role for star Connie Britton. In the new AppleTV+ series, “Dear Edward,” Britton plays a woman who lost her husband in a plane crash. It’s a story of tragedy and hope, and Katims has put together a talented cast to bring it to life.

The series follows Edward, the sole survivor of the plane crash, and his journey of grief and healing. Colin O’Brien, who plays Edward, found it difficult to imagine what his character went through, so he drew on his own experience of losing a grandparent during the pandemic. Taylor Schilling, who plays Edward’s aunt, worked to connect with O’Brien in ways outside the story, and even gave him a malachite rock.

Katims says that he and the cast worked hard to get the story just right. He drew on his own flaws and pasts to create a story with a human connection, and he was even embarrassed to find himself crying in the editing room. He and the cast worked to find the balance between intense emotions and lighter moments, and O’Brien was even able to show that child actors can handle more than people think.

“Dear Edward” is a story of tragedy and hope, and it’s sure to touch viewers’ hearts. Tune in to AppleTV+ to see the incredible cast and crew bring this touching story to life.