We’ve all heard the saying “God looks after his own” and that’s certainly true for Dwayne Johnson and his mom, Ata Johnson. On February 2nd, Ata was involved in a serious car accident in Los Angeles. Thankfully, she’s on the mend and Dwayne has taken to Instagram to thank God for her recovery.

The accident was serious enough that Dwayne posted a photo of the damaged car, a red Cadillac SUV, with the right front side of the car showing extensive damage. He wrote “Thank you God she’s ok” alongside his post. He followed that up with a heartfelt message about his mom’s strength and resilience.

Ata has been through a lot in her life, including surviving lung cancer, a tough marriage, a head on collision with a drunk driver, and attempted suicide. Despite all of the challenges she’s faced, she’s still here and Dwayne is grateful for the “angels of mercy” who watched over her during the accident. He’s also thankful for her strength and resilience and believes that it’s proof that “angels and miracles are real”.

We’re so glad to hear that Ata is doing okay and that Dwayne was able to thank God for her recovery. We hope she continues to make a full recovery and that she’s able to enjoy many more years with her family.

Source: www.eonline.com