It’s no secret that tension can run high in a newsroom, but the latest reports about CNN’s Don Lemon and his co-host Kaitlan Collins are more than a little unsettling. On December 8, Lemon reportedly blew up at Collins on the set of “CNN This Morning” after she interrupted him on air. According to sources, the incident left Collins “rattled” and Lemon absent from the show the following day.

The incident happened while the network was covering President Joe Biden’s decision to release notorious Russian terrorist and weapons trafficker Viktor Bout in exchange for WNBA player Brittney Griner. According to the New York Post, Lemon screamed at Collins in front of other staffers and she was visibly upset, running out of the studio. Sources also told the Post that Lemon has had a difficult time adjusting to sharing the limelight with two female co-hosts.

CNN responded to the reports by claiming that the entire situation was being blown out of proportion and that the three co-hosts were all friends. However, Fox News reported separately that Lemon was absent from the show on Friday morning following the report from the Post about the incident.

It’s unclear what will happen next for Lemon and Collins, but it’s clear that tensions are running high in the “CNN This Morning” newsroom. The show’s ratings have been in a steady decline ever since it launched in November, and this latest incident is certainly not helping the situation. It will be interesting to see how the network and the show’s hosts handle the situation moving forward.