It’s not every day that you witness a living legend in action, but that’s exactly what happened on Thursday night when Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo put up an incredible 54 points in a home victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. So how did the Greek Freak celebrate his remarkable performance? With a return visit to Chick-fil-A? Not so fast.

Giannis had a new fast food favorite in mind. After the game, he revealed his postgame feasting plans – complete with a negative Yelp review for Chick-fil-A and a positive pivot to a more local option. He explained that he was going to Culver’s to get 50 cheeseburgers and try to eat as many as he can. His reason? Chick-fil-A didn’t give him any free meals.

It turns out that the Wisconsin burger chain must’ve heard Giannis’ plans and quickly responded with an offer to fill his 54-burger order. But the best part? This extra-large happy meal comes with an even happier bonus, as Culver’s tweeted that it will not only donate 54 burgers to Giannis’ belly, but it will also donate 54,000 diapers to the Milwaukee Diaper Mission, a nonprofit organization that provides free diapers to families in need.

It looks like Giannis is now a loyal Culver’s customer, and the Bucks are currently sitting in second place in the East with a 35-17 record and a six-game winning streak that they hope to turn into seven on Saturday night at home against the Miami Heat. So here’s to a victory there – and here’s to more Giannis Culver’s combo meal celebrations in the future.