Title: The ALT Avatar Motion Controller: A New Way to Game with Precision and Comfort


Are you a PC gamer looking for a new way to play? Do you want precision control and comfort for your gaming? Look no further than the ALT Avatar Motion Controller. This revolutionary new gamepad blends the best of both the keyboard and mouse, giving gamers a unique and ergonomic approach to gaming. With its ambidextrous design, RGB LED rings, and pressure-sensitive dual functions, the ALT Avatar Motion Controller offers a level of control and comfort that no other controller can match. In this blog post, we’ll explore the design, software, performance, and more of this innovative new controller.


The ALT Avatar Motion Controller has an ambidextrous design that is universal and comfortable. It has a glossy grey trim surrounding a matte black chassis and white branding, and RGB LED rings beneath each analogue stick bring a splash of color. The underside even has a small window showcasing a bit of the motherboard. The controller is entirely customisable if you don’t mind sourcing the parts yourself and cracking it open. The ALT Avatar Motion Controller also has four clear rubber feet to stop it sliding across your gaming desk, and they do an excellent job since it doesn’t budge an inch.


The ALT Avatar Motion Controller comes with an ALT-branded flash drive with everything you need to get started, from instructions on how to use the device to the software you need to set it all up. The software, called PLA ALT, is split into five sections: Profiles, Lights, Programming, Wheel, and Macros. Profiles lets you create as many configurations as you fancy, Lights gives you the ability to customise the colour and brightness of the LEDs, and Macros is the third self-explanatory header where you can record multiple functions under a single action. The Wheel section is dedicated to the grippy ring below the central stick and lets you add two keybinds, swap between digital and analogue steering for racing games, and adjust the sensitivity for actuation. Programming is where the magic happens. You’ll spend most of your time in this menu configuring what each of the eight directions does per analogue stick.


The ALT Avatar Motion Controller succeeds in its goal of doing away with the need to reposition your hand constantly across a keyboard without sacrificing your mouse in the process. Every flick of a stick sits within your natural grasp, it feels far less taxing to use than its clicky counterpart, and you even have more space to work with. With its pressure-sensitive dual functions of each analogue stick and the wheel, you can have a whopping total of 130 commands per individual profile. The ALT Avatar Motion Controller is the perfect blend of precision and comfort for all PC gamers.

Source: www.pcgamesn.com