Tonight’s WWE SmackDown saw Charlotte Flair put her newly won SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line against Sonya Deville. After a hard-fought battle, Flair was able to retain her title in an impressive display of strength and skill.

The match started off with Flair getting off to a strong start, knocking Deville down with a shoulder tackle before taunting her. Flair then took Deville down and went for the cover, but Deville kicked out. Flair then wrenched her arm and wrist, but Deville reversed the hold. Flair evaded the turnbuckle and hit a crossbody press on Deville, but she kicked out.

Deville then capitalized, locking Flair down on the mat and keeping her grounded. Flair came back with punches to the head and then dodged a charge, coming back with clotheslines and chops. Despite Flair’s efforts, Deville was able to hit a punt kick into a cover attempt. Flair then missed a boot to the head and Deville countered with a kick to the knee.

Flair then came back with a roll-up and a moonsault, but Deville kicked out of both attempts. Deville then went for the Figure-Four, but Flair reversed the move and countered a Sunset Flip. Flair then connected with the Figure-Four and bridged into the Figure-Eight for the tap-out and the win.

Flair’s victory was a testament to her skill and determination as a WWE Superstar. She was able to counter every move Deville threw at her, and ultimately her experience and strength won out. It was an impressive display of sportsmanship, and the fans were certainly appreciative of the match.

If you missed the match, be sure to check it out online. It was an exciting and entertaining match, and a reminder of why Charlotte Flair is one of the top Superstars in the WWE.