It’s a criminal case that’s been keeping Nassau County on its toes. Over the last few months, police have been investigating a string of home burglaries that have taken place throughout the county. Five suspects have now been arrested in connection with the burglaries, and the police are ready to press charges.

The burglaries began on November 15th, with a home in Westbury being targeted. In the following months, four more homes in Lake Success, four in Syosset, and one in Herricks were also burglarized. The most recent incident occurred on January 27th.

Police have now identified five suspects in the burglaries. Yefferson Camero-Alzate, Edinson Henao-Vera, Hotstyn Barrera-Perico, Yessica Lorena Garcia Ahumada, and Ana Ortiz Zamora have all been arrested and are facing burglary charges. They are scheduled to be arraigned later today.

Nassau County police have been working hard to ensure the safety of its citizens. Thanks to their diligent work, these five suspects are now facing justice. It’s a reminder that crime will not be tolerated in Nassau County and that the police are always on the lookout for those who would do harm.