The 2020 presidential election was a pivotal battleground for both parties, and a newly released audio recording offers an inside look at how Donald Trump’s campaign team reacted to their defeat. The audio reveals that even as the team acknowledged their loss, they pivoted to baseless allegations of fraud that were debunked by elections officials and the courts. This blog post will explore the behind-the-scenes strategy session, and how the Trump campaign’s efforts to engage with Black voters were discussed.

The audio, obtained by the Associated Press, features Andrew Iverson, the head of Trump’s campaign in the state of Wisconsin. Iverson is heard saying, “Comms is going to continue to fan the flame and get the word out about Democrats trying to steal this election. We’ll do whatever they need. Just be on standby if there’s any stunts we need to pull.”

The audio also reveals that the Republican operatives praised Democratic turnout efforts in the state’s largest counties and even joked about their efforts to engage Black voters. At one point, Iverson is heard praising the GOP’s efforts while admitting the margin of Trump’s defeat in the state. “At the end of the day, this operation received more votes than any other Republican in Wisconsin history,” Iverson said.

The recording showcases the juxtaposition between what Republican officials knew about the election results and what Trump and his closest allies were saying publicly as they pushed the lie of a stolen election. Trump was told by his own attorney general there was no sign of widespread fraud, and many within his own administration told the former president there was no substance to various claims of fraud or manipulation.

The meeting also focuses on Republican outreach efforts to the state’s Black community. At one point, the operatives laugh over needing “more Black voices for Trump.” Iverson also references their efforts to engage with Black voters. “We ever talk to Black people before? I don’t think so,” he said, eliciting laughter from others in the room.

The recording is surfacing as Trump again seeks the White House while continuing to lie about the legitimacy of the outcome and Democrat Joe Biden’s win. It’s unclear whether the staff in Wisconsin coordinated their message directly with campaign officials in Washington.

The audio offers a unique perspective on how the Trump campaign reacted to their defeat in the 2020 election. It reveals the strategies they employed to engage with Black voters, and how they attempted to spread the lie of a stolen election. The recording is a reminder of the importance of protecting the integrity of the electoral process and ensuring that all votes are counted.