The Final Goodbye: Derek Carr’s Last Words on His Contract with the Las Vegas Raiders

It’s the end of an era for the Las Vegas Raiders and their star quarterback Derek Carr. After a long, tumultuous season, Carr has made the decision to not extend the February 15th trigger date on his contract, which means he is likely to be released by the team. As a result, Carr has had to make the difficult decision to part ways with the Raiders, and in turn, the fans that have supported him.

Carr, who has a no-trade clause in his contract, has expressed his desire to be authorized to speak to potential trade partners, but the Raiders have yet to grant that permission. Despite this, Carr remains optimistic about his future, having received advice from Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning was able to relate to Carr’s situation, having gone through a similar experience when he was released from the Colts.

Carr’s final appearance at the Raiders’ practice facility was met with a great deal of love and admiration from the fans. He was able to take in the moment, feeling the appreciation of the fans who have been with him throughout his career.

When asked during the Pro Bowl Games skills competition whether he had ever been as hot as he was during the precision passing competition, Carr was able to bring some levity to the situation with his response.

“Not that hot,” he said. “It’s probably why I’m going somewhere else.”

It’s clear that Carr is ready to move on and make the most of his future opportunities. While his time with the Raiders has come to an end, his words and legacy will live on.