Are you looking for a summary of an unbelievable story? Look no further! We have the scoop on a man who allegedly sought a hitman to kill a 14-year-old. The man, Mr. Musbach, used the screen name “agentisai” and initially sought a gun and ammunition. He then changed his request to a hitman and was willing to pay up to $20,000 for the job.

Shockingly, the website he was using was actually a scam and the administrator told him that law enforcement would be contacted if he didn’t send more money. Mr. Musbach’s lawyer, Mr. Cipparone, said that the website defrauded him but that doesn’t change his state of mind. It isn’t clear what further correspondence there was between Mr. Musbach and the administrator after May 20, but in January 2019, a source provided federal agents with information about the website and messages from “agentisai”.

This story is truly unbelievable and it’s hard to believe that someone could be so bold as to try and hire a hitman. We can only hope that justice is served and that the 14-year-old is safe from any harm.

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