The Tragic Tale of the Cat Hoarders: Over 100 Cats Rescued from a New York Home

It’s a tragic and heartbreaking story that has shocked the town of Yorktown, New York. On Monday, police responded to a welfare check and found a couple dead in their bedroom. To make matters worse, the police also discovered over 100 cats living in the home.

Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble is asking for help from animal lovers to adopt these cats, turning this negative situation into a positive. Humane enforcement officers are currently moving the cats to shelters, but they are limited by the space available.

The cats that have already been rescued are being treated for parasites, dehydration, and eye infections. Friends and neighbors of the couple said they had no idea about the cat hoarding.

The police are still investigating, but they don’t believe any foul play was involved in the couple’s deaths. It’s a heartbreaking and tragic story that has touched the hearts of many people in the Yorktown community.

If you’re an animal lover who is able to help, please contact the Yorktown Police Department or the SPCA Westchester to find out how you can adopt one of these cats in need.