Title: Suspected Chinese Reconnaissance Balloon Device Flying Over US

This week, U.S authorities have detected and are tracking a high altitude surveillance balloon over the continental United States. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and other major defense authorities informed President Joe Biden about the situation on Wednesday, and the Pentagon has taken immediate steps to protect against the collection of sensitive information.

The balloon was first seen above Billings, Montana, after it traveled through the Aleutian Islands and Canada. A top defense official said the device is still over the country, but did not say where it is located at this time. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin got top military leaders together and they considered how to react to the balloon, choosing against recommending a kinetic take-down due to the possible danger for people below.

The United States is sure that the device is one of China’s and have conveyed that to the Chinese government “through multiple channels both here in D.C. and in Beijing.” This situation is not the same as past incidents, as the device is maintaining its presence over the country for more time than is typical.

The Pentagon is continuing to track and monitor the balloon closely and will constantly update its assessment. The United States is taking all necessary steps to protect against foreign intelligence collection of sensitive information, and will maintain the possibility of taking it down.

This situation is a reminder of the importance of staying vigilant and aware of potential threats to national security. The Pentagon is continuing to take the necessary steps to protect the country from any potential threats, and will continue to monitor the device closely.

Source: www.dailywire.com