Joe Mixon’s Troubled Past Comes Back to Haunt Him

It seems like Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon has yet to learn his lesson from his troubled past. An arrest warrant has been issued for the star running back for ‘aggravated menacing’ after Mixon reportedly pointed a gun at a woman and threatened to kill her.

It’s an incident that has been met with shock and disbelief by the NFL community and fans alike. Mixon, who was a second-round pick of the Bengals in 2017, was already under scrutiny for his troubled past during his college days at Oklahoma. Now, he’s facing a potential jail sentence of 180 days with a $1,000 fine and five years of probation if convicted.

The allegations against Mixon are serious and the details of the incident are still being investigated. The Bengals released a statement after reports of the arrest warrant being filed against their star running back, saying “The club is aware misdemeanor charges have been raised against Joe Mixon. The club is investigating the situation and will not comment further at this time.”

Mixon has had a successful career with the Bengals so far, earning a Pro Bowl during his time with the team and helping them to the AFC Championship Game this past season with 1,255 total yards and nine touchdowns.

As the details of the incident unfold, it’s important to reserve judgment until the facts are known. This is certainly a situation that is being met with shock and disbelief, and one that will likely have a significant impact on Joe Mixon’s future.